School Of Scholars, an educational institution offering classes from Play Group to Secondary Level
is the only innovative platform that helps in imparting a new way of 21st Century Teaching –
Learning strategies to the students. With a motto of ‘Learners Today …. Leaders Tomorrow’, SOS
has come to its existence fostering critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and
communication, positive thinking and service to society to its students as its educational
programs enthusiastically.
SOS recognizes that its ways of teaching ‘Work together and Learn together’ will support students
enabling them to achieve their potential. Expectations of our parents and students are very high. They
have a great trust in us. We firmly believe that every boy and girl can get an innovative platform through
various far-fetched visions endorsed by the school. They can experience and go on to graduate as
responsible, resilient, and confident young adults, and well prepared to take charge of their future and to
become productive members of the community and the nation.
Addressing the future needs of the students, our school has set up well-sophisticated library, math lab,
science lab, music lab etc. believing that they will learn practically and mentally to prepare themselves to
be able to face challenges in the future. So, our curriculum and practices are consistently reviewed to
ensure that we are following the most updated practices adopted by advanced schools in Nepal and in
the World.
Moreover, SOS aims to nurture its wards by imparting rites and consecration, cultural values,
social norms etc. as the part of education. It is believed that such types of practices ensures for
holistic development of students.
School Of Scholars (SOS) has been established aiming to meet the real value of 21st Century
Education in Lahan City by a professional team of college lecturers, bankers, doctors, engineers
and social activists.
The school has set up well managed Library, a large Cafeteria, IT Lab, Advanced Mathematics Lab,
Classrooms with enough space, and two different Playgrounds for Junior and Senior students
separately. Similarly, For Pre-primary classes (Montessori Based Classes) there is a Zumba Hall
where they can enjoy playing different happy playing items. For the transportation, there are
school buses and vans. Within a year, the school has been able to enroll nearly 700 students
which is what we say our pride and proud.
Our future aim is to run the Post- graduate class. So, we call it PG to PG concept that we are
planning to offer.

The management team after conducting different researches for two years having different
educational discourses with different level of people about providing better and quality
education that could meet and address the need and demand of present era came to realize that
no schools in Lahan are capable to address their students in imparting the required education.
As a result, SOS has come to its existence to ensure that it can quench the thirst of the people for
such types of education.

Mr.Chaitra Bahadur Thapa

Academic Prinicipal