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School Of Scholars

School of scholars

SCHOOL  OF  SCHOLARS,  is  an educational  institution  of  play  group  to secondary  level  innovative  platform  for students  established  and  managed  by College  Lecturers,  Bankers,  Doctors, Engineers,  Civil  Servicers  and  Social Activists.  It  is  located  in  Lahan Municipality-08,  Siraha.  Our  motto  is “Learn  today,  Lead  tomorrow”.  The education programme is designed to foster critical  thinking,  positive  action  and service to others. It challenges students to look  beyond  career,  and  have  a  wider vision of being channels of betterment. It encourages  every  student  to  be  a  job creator rather than a job seeker, to play the role  of  being  a  creative  designer  of  the future and researcher.