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Admission procedure

No written test for is conducted for admission for playgroup or Nursery, LKG,UKG and the selection will be based on a cognitive test followed by meeting/interaction with parents. The interaction with parents and students will be analyze actual standard & mental growth of students. But, sometimes written test will be conducted to know idea about writing skills, spelling knowledge etc.

For other classes, Students must follow the following procedure which will be conducted by Admission Committee.

  1. First Step – Filling up registration form (Admission Enquiry Form)
  2. Second step – Filling up entrance form
  3. Third step – Facing entrance exam
  4. Fourth step – Interview with students and parents.
  5. Fifth step – Result publication and Filling Admission from
  6. Sixth step – Admission
  7. Seventh step – To get Admission certificate

Online admission

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