Math lab enables the teachers to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract
mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs, pictures etc. The lab also
encourages the students to think critically, to discuss on the matter with each other and with the
teachers to be able to assimilate the concepts in a more effective manner.
Math lab gives students a way to understand the importance of student’s life. It helps students to
quantify relationship, and to predict their future career. Maths lab helps students to understand
the world- and they use the world to understand math. It means the world is inter connected with
students and math.
SOS has set up a math lab aiming to provide all above mentioned qualities, opportunities to
students through activities that help them to figure out, visualize, manipulate and reason. It has
been realized that students are able to perform their best and understand the math perfectly.
SOS feels proud in seeing the students gaining the knowledge about the math which is inevitable
to their life.
Math in our view is the science of study of quality, structure space, and change. It seeks out
patterns, formulates new opinion or conclusion formed providing opportunities for students to
discover real mathematics through learning by doing.