The school of scholars is the place where students can learn, grow and develop their talents. It is a place where they can find what they are good at and enjoy it. The school of scholars has been created to provide an environment that will help them to be able to do this in a healthy way. What does a Healthy learning environment mean? Healthy Learning Environment (HLE) means an educational environment that promotes student engagement and achievement; supports the development of positive relationships among students, staff, families, and community members; provides opportunities for students to explore their interests through academic pursuits, and fosters personal growth through self-discipline.

The learning environment in the school is the physical and social setting that influences a student’s performance. It includes the teaching methods, the curriculum, and other factors that affect students’ learning. There are many factors that influence students’ learning like their age, gender, personality, etc. The most important factor of all is the teacher who teaches them. A good teacher can make a difference between an average student and an excellent one (Byrne & Mancuso).